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Lysippe and it’s US partners can bring to you a full team of former engineers from Toyota to help you begin your journey toward wealth and prosperity and this everywhere in the world.

Lysippe teaches you ON THE JOB ON THE GEMBA

The three essentials tools to manage problems at your level :

- senior management : Hoshin Kanri or Strategy Deployment

- middle management : A3 problem solving workshop

- floor management : Standardized work workshop

Lysippe is also specialized in Lean for "made to order" production.

We can help you with some other tools :

- Value stream Mapping or Material and Information Flow Analysis,

- Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED),

- Lean Product Development Process,

- 4M Stability,

In order to understand what we offer you, It’s important to have a look to the chart below :

Different stages of abilities :

1/KnowledgeOnly this part can be taught in a classroom






Do well

Can do and Improve

These stages must be taught dealing with actual problems and situations ON THE JOB with Senseis

These abilities cannot be learned in classroom alone

We are highly motived for you to exceed the first level! The one with the good book and lovely ring binder that rot on your shelves.

We offer you On The Job workshops within your or another company, on the Gemba.

These workshops last from two to five days, on actual situations.

These workshops join immediate practice on the Gemba to theory shown by game simulations, according to TOYOTA methods of teaching.

The two to five days workshops allow to deal with a project to apply theory and develop ability. This leads to seize the methods in a safe context, and to gain a first background before deploying it in your company. Our target is level 4 : do well. Practice will allow you to reach the fifth level.

Sharing between people from different companies and various jobs enhance practice views and allows knowledge sharing.

These workshops are for Op managers dealing with production, and are for professionals only.

We demonstrate that our workshops are useful on the shop floor, comprehensible by operators, make our customers save money, and we teach the tool for it’s purpose, that we explain, and not for itself. [For example SMED has a specific purpose : allow you to reduce your batchs, for speeding flows of materials and....of cash!]

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