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- Lysippe helps you implementing Lean management in your facilities in order to [blue]be more profitable:[/blue]

1/ Strategy Deployment - do your facilities follow your instructions when you set a new path?

2/ Lean tools training on the shop floor - how is your facility performance?

3/ Knowledge transfer in lean management know how - how is your people performance?

4/ Lean development - how is your product and product’s development performance?

- Emmanuel Jallas has been trained by the best Lean Senseis, winners of Shingo prizes, as Michaël Ballé, Art Smalley, Pascal Dennis, Jose Ferro, Orry Fiume, Sammy Obara, David Verble.

- Lysippe is flexible and can be a partner of your current north american consulting provider. If you don’t have any we can advise you the bests we know.

- Lean, why?

What are the aims of Lean?

- Will you put your costs under control?

- Lysippe trains you with the A3 method of problem solving.

  • You wish to engage a step of productivity and continuous progress to [blue]make profits.[/blue]
  • You wish [blue]tips on the shop floor[/blue], for your operational and functional teams, in their step of reduction of the wastes. This to more surely achieves your goal.
  • By our knowledge of shop floor and people we know to gain your [blue]people’s adhesion.[/blue]
  • [blue]We teach you[/blue] to quickly see true problem’s root causes in your manufacturing units.
  • We teach you to solve by yourselves these problems at lower cost.
  • [blue]We work on “human”,[/blue] the engine of Lean transformation.
  • We adapt to each situation, which is often specific, with [blue]your requirements[/blue] and your capacities in human and financial resources.
  • We do not have a “tools” approach, but we develop people. [blue]We help you “to think” and "to act" lean.[/blue]


  • We help you by a [blue]hands on coaching[/blue] to satisfy the requirements of your company:
    • To deliver the customers the good product at the time agreed upon, 100% of time,
    • To deliver the customers a quality product, in 100% of times,
    • To make benefit allowing the company development and the satisfactory remuneration of its shareholders.
  • We strongly imply ourselves in your objectives while remaining the external and impartial eye towards the facts.
  • Discover an effective practice of coaching, with [blue]high and lasting results.[/blue]

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Cost reduction (Know-how)

Thursday 15 February 2007 by emmanuel
Everybody knows that : customers decide most on the price of products. It is the market which makes the price. The economic equation of your company is simple: Profits = Volume X (Price - costs) You decide neither on volumes, nor on prices. Your only leverage to grow your profits is to (...)

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